Divekick Coming to PSN and PSVita this Spring!

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Iron Galaxy Studios and One True Game Studios is partnering up to bring Divekick to PSN and PSVita this Spring. Divekick was initially developed as a parody of other fighting games as it lacked a control stick and was simply controlled with two buttons. The game quickly game notoriety and started appearing in competitions.

Following the game’s success Divekick received a a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of bringing the finished game to PC. Eventually the fully funded campaign was cancelled and now the partnership between the two studios aims to give Divekick the same treatment as Street Fighter III: Online Edition, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Origins, and Darkstalkers Resurrection. (All of which were worked on by Iron Galaxy Studios.) This means the game will feature GGPO, a full single player campaign as well as other features.

Divekick is aiming for a release on PSN and PSVita this Spring.

  • Chris

    So freaking hype

  • Eric G

    this looks great

  • dmisk

    great another boring ass game comming to vita i wish os games never took off its got publishers upnder the impression that the general public want the most basic simple and easy tiles on playstaion now , its just not the case , i miss the days when they designed games to be challenging and you had a veriety of different moves not like this jump , kick and thats the hole fucking game comin this getting rediculas stop supporting shit titles your giving developers the wrong idea!!!!