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See What Went Into Developing The Twilight Zone for The Pinball Arcade

Posted by on December 1st, 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

In The Pinball Arcade Newsletter #9 which hit inboxes this week, FarSight Studios offered fans and Kickstarter contributors some pleasing information pertaining to The Twilight Zone table. While they have not come back to us about a release date, we now know that The Twilight Zone table will sell for $4.99 by itself when it finally releases.

This price is actually half what FarSight Studios had expected to charge for the table. They say that due to the amazing support of the Kickstarter backers, they were able to not only pay the upfront costs for the table’s licenses, but reduce the asking price of the table. Although, each sale of the table will result in the highest royalties they’ve ever had to pay to date.

In this latest video, FarSight Studios gives us a glimpse of what went into dismantling and digitizing the Twilight Zone table. If you are a die hard pinball aficionado, you may want to avert your eyes during the dismantling part. The Twilight Zone table is said to be the most complex one the developer has ever worked on, requiring them to write 700 pages of help text for use in-game.

Keep a watchful eye on your PSNStores feed. We will announce the release date for both the Twilight Zone table and/or Table Pack 7: Scared Stiff and Big Shot when it becomes available. If you’re waiting to hear more about the Star Trek: The Next Generation table, the only announcement there is that “its coming!”