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Urban Trial Freestyle Gets Tricky on PSN and Vita Early 2013

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PlayStation 3 and Vita are about to get another motocross trials game in Urban Trial Freestyle via PSN. The game is teased as coming early 2013, but we have some screenshots and an embedded video to tide us over through the holiday wait.

Urban Trial Freestyle features 2D motoX/trialX gameplay within full 3D rendered levels. Think Trials Evolution but on PS3 and Vita. The game is influenced by the “godfather of urban trial freestyle”, Julian Dupont. Its unclear how far his endorsement goes.

Tate Multimedia is the publisher behind the Kao the Kangaroo and they even have a Kao the Kangaroo 3 in development, but no platform or release dates have been announced yet. Their previous Kao game was for PC only. Tate Interactive is handling the developement of Urban Trial Freestyle for consoles while Strangelands is developing the game on mobile platforms.

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Urban Trial Freestyle is said to have rider and bike customization, multiple game modes, leaderboards, trophies (required), and a physics engine that’s described as “fine tuned for fun pick-up and play.” We’ll be the judge of that when the game hits PSN for PS3 and Vita within the first quarter of 2013.

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