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Which Version Of Urban Trial Freestyle Is Right For Me?

Posted by on February 19th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Tags:

Urban Trial Freestyle is out today and there are two versions up for grabs on the PlayStation Store, one for Vita and one for PS3. Sadly the game does not support cross buy, so you will need to figure out which one you want to buy. We reviewed the PS3 version, but the Vita version is far from the same. Here is a little guide to picking the version for you.


The first thing that you will notice is that the Vita version is $5 cheaper than the PS3 counterpart. Both games feature more or less the same content, there are a few differences which I will discuss in a moment. The game will also be launching with a 20% PlayStation Plus discount, so if price is a factor for you the Vita version might be the one to get.


While both versions offer up the same set of levels, the PS3 version definitely takes the cake. Levels on the PS3 feature scripted moments that will add ramps or obstacles to the path of your motorbike. In some cases large sections of the PS3 levels are removed from the Vita version or they are simply bypassed. One example is a level called Lost Avenue. On PS3 there is a very cinematic section where the game goes in slow-motion as you tear through an office building. After that you go down a few ramps, bounce off a moving subway train, and finally finish up on the street where oncoming traffic dodges you. For Vita, most of the office building is missing and after you bounce off the train you simply ride down a catwalk that is now over this same street section.


This is a trade off between some slow-down versus some screen tearing. The PS3 version has a pretty stable framerate, but has some pretty noticeable screen tearing. Where as the Vita version doesn’t have any tearing, but there is some occasional slow-down. The choice here is what bothers you least really. The PS3 has better visuals, if you were wondering. That isn’t to say the Vita version looks bad, but you can tell it is less complex. Think Mortal Kombat Vita versus Mortal Kombat PS3.


I think that the way leaderboards on the Vita are handled is far better than on PS3. Both share similar billboards that showcase a PSN id for stunt levels, but the Vita version allows you to upload a photo to put on these boards. So you can intimidate the competition. Also after finishing a stage you can touch a leaderboard for each stunt area to see how close you where to breaking the world record. Vita is clearly the better choice if you are into score chasing. One other thing of note, the PS3 version has a far stricter scoring policy. If you crash at all on PS3 during stunt levels you are docked 50 points, this is not present in the Vita version.


It really comes down to whether you prefer the ability to take the game with you on the go or the overall polish of the PS3 version compared to Vita. If I had to get one, it would be PS3 just based on the fact that the level design is far better and there is a lot more going on within the levels.

If you have any more questions I will be glad to answer them in the comments.