Sneak Peek – November 6th PSN Releases

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Note all content is subject to change. Be sure to check out our Upcoming Games list for all the latest release dates on PSN content. Remember this list is for the North American PlayStation Store.


Disney Epic Mickey 2 – The Power of Two

PSN Games

Toe Jam & Earl
Toe Jam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron
When Vikings Attack – $9.99 (#YOPO)

PS3 Games

Absolute Super Cars
LittleBigPlanet Karting
Portal 2
Saints Row 3 “The Full Package”
Sleeping Dogs Bundle


Dokuro (CA & MX)
When Vikings Attack – $9.99 (#YOPO)


Ragnarok Tactics (on Vita store)

PS2 Classic

Rygar: The Legendary Adventure


Enchanted Cavern


Frobisher Says
LittleBigPlanet Karting
Mugen Souls
New Little King Story
Portal 2
Pinball Arcade
Real Steel

PS+: When Vikings Attack (30% off), Portal 2 (30% off)

[Source: PlayStation Blogcast and Our List]

  • When Vikings Attack will be my buy next week 🙂

    By the way, what game is Legends of War: Patton?Never heard of this vita game.

  • Sam

    It would be really fantastic if we could finally get more psone classics, preferably Crash and Spyro… would be nice if we could get Legend of Dragoon and Saga Frontier too :/

    • pecbear

      A friend of mine confirmed that transfering legend of dragoon from ps3 works .if you have already purchased it, why not give it a try.

    • Sam

      I would but I don’t own a ps3 🙁

    • MoondogM9

      …They already have all the Crash and Spyro, not too mention Legend of Dragoon. At least here in Canada they do…

  • John

    I Will probably get Pid and When Viking’s Attack especially with the plus discount.

  • Portal 2 with Move support = Win

  • boo

    No new psn store for ps vita?
    I can’t see silent hill origins on my ps vita’s psn store….. ;(

  • Donald

    i can’t find the demo on my ps3.

    • Chris

      Should be out soon, the store hasn’t published yet.