Radiant Flux Coming to PSM Soon

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Developer T.A.C.S. Games has sent PSNStores some screenshots of their first PlayStation Mobile game, Radiant Flux. Its a nod to the 8-bit NES era of gaming with a sprinkle of hard-as-hell shooter.

Bullet Hell is what the genre is commonly referred to as, but there is also SHMUPS (shoot’em ups). I’m not quite sure where Radiant Flux stands, maybe between, but we’re told that its very hard.

The 2D side-scrolling shooter comes to PSM with 60 stages of flying bullets and lasers. It will also feature a cool TV Mode where the game game looks as though its wrapped around an old CRT television with scan lines too.

[gallery_imgs dir=”http://media.psnstores.com/images/radiantflux/” num=”14″]

While we [consumers] wait for the inevitable Vita system software v2.0 to release, PSM developers like Thom Hopper at T.A.C.S. Games must wait similarly for PSM v1.0 before they can submit their games. There still isn’t a set date for this, but PSM is supposed to come out of beta by the end of the month.

  • Brian Chase

    my god, looks ricockulous

  • Brian Chase

    For the record, this would be a somewhere in between shmup and bullet hell game. Bullet hell is a sub-classification of a shmup but maybe calling it a combination between an old school-shmup and modern bullet hell shmup would be more appropriate. In either case there are many things that give way to the term bullet hell and none are particularly concrete. A short list would include: reliance on bullet patterns rather than aimed shots, large amounts of bullets, and, for the most part, either wide-open levels with no obstacles or walls or scenarios that create what would appear to be level design by either bullet patterns forcing you to tightly maneuver or enemy patterns that must require precision in strategy and movement. The largest difference between old school shmups and bullet hell shmups that almost always hold true would be the first on the list, the reliance on patterns. These enemies appear to actually aim at you and react to your movements which would require me to give it more of a nod towards old school shmup but bullet hell influences (largely due to the abilities of the technology and hardware in comparison to the games it mimics graphically) do appear largely in the quantity of enemy fire. A lot of games during the mid to late 90’s stepped up the bullet count due to the power of new hardware while retaining the old school shooter feel and I tend to call these games hybrids because they fit neither description perfectly. Trizeal, despite being released rather recently, is an excellent example of a hybrid since it is made that way on its own accord rather than as a result of hardware limitations or advancements and manages to capture the “level design” of a bullet hell better than any other game I have played.

    • Chris

      this is quite the explanation.

    • Brian Chase

      I love me some shmups

    • Chris


    • KosmoCrisis

      No effing kidding! You must be a wikipedia contributor.

    • KosmoCrisis

      Glad to see I was somewhat right with my genre classification. Yay me! 🙂

    • TACS

      I agree.