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Cobalt Runner Update And Animation Demo

Posted by on November 15th, 2012 | 2 Comments | Tags:

You might remember all the way back in May we posted a story regarding Cobalt Runner, a game that’s gone from development for PSP to PSVita under the PSM SDK, as well as a demo video showing off something that looked similar to a Mirror’s Edge style of game. We now have another update and video showing some more progress as well as detailing what the game will eventually be once it’s released next year.

Cobalt Runner is a “community-based freerunning first-person-shooter” that’s completely open to mods and will allow players to create content using the same developer tools used to make the game itself. It’s noted that the guns in the video are solely for the purpose of complimenting the multiplayer game modes and that Cobalt Runner will remain primarily about freerunning. The game will ship with deathmatch, CTF, and a “Splinter Cell-like infiltration/defend” mode.

Cobalt Runner will include an offline freerunning time-trial mode. Multiplayer includes server hosting/skins/custom maps and more. The game can be controlled entirely with buttons with the option of using the touch screen for aiming.

It’s expected that the game will be finished in 4-5 months. Cobalt Runner will be free-to-play with any additional purchases going solely towards cosmetic customization.

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