Cobalt Runner Back In Development Using The Public Vita SDK (PS Suite)

Posted by on May 1st, 2012 | 3 Comments | Tags:

Originally planned for release on the PSP with use of the Quake engine Cobalt Runner was a first person free running game not unlike Mirror’s Edge. The game vanished however and it wasn’t until just yesterday that it reappeared again.

Cobalt Runner is back in development and this time it’s using the recently released PlayStation Suite SDK. Some alterations have been made to the game as well. Now you’ll be able to lay out pieces to create levels much like Trackmania or Modnation Racers to then race against players from all over for the high score or you can simply play through multiple levels as the game cycles through random user created levels.

Above there’s a quick video preview of the game after a few days of development. This video was shot using an iPhone since you can’t take direct feed using a regular Vita and so it’s not the highest quality.

[Source: IndieGameMag]