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The Pinball Arcade Table Pack 5 Coming November 6

Posted by on October 31st, 2012 | 6 Comments | Tags:

The Pinball Arcade went on Facebook, as they normally do, to set the record straight about Table Pack 5 for PS3 and Vita. After an issue that caused the previous title patch to fail SCEA’s certification process, Table Pack 5 was delayed and now has a North American release date of November 6, EU on November 7.

Yesterday, North America saw the release of Table Pack 6, coming to EU on November 21, while both the PS3 and Vita versions of The Pinball Arcade received a patch. What may be confusing for some is that the tables, Taxi and Harley Davidson, both appear in the menu now. Though you may or may not have noticed that neither have music, can be played, or appear in the PlayStation Store for purchase.

FarSight Studios is also planning to release the Twilight Zone table sometime in November. The table received funding support from a Kickstarter project, though nothing known about if the table will be part of a two pack or delivered on its own. Another Kickstarter project was completed to help pay for licensing fees for the Star Trek: The Next Generation table, though there is no news on its release at this time.

Tournaments are coming soon as FarSight Studios will be anointing beta tournament for the first four tables on iOS. The PSN version as well as the dozen others shouldn’t be too far behind. I’m curious how many of you are playing The Pinball Arcade. Do you prefer the digital remakes of unattainably classic tables or the unrealistic fantasy of the Zen Pinball 2 tables?