The New Knytt Underground Trailer Is Lovely

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Whilst Knytt Underground currently has neither price nor a release date more specific than the nebulous “around new year”, that hasn’t stopped it from looking rather fun indeed. The new game in the Knytt series is hitting consoles for the first time, with the game set to be released on both the PS3 and the Vita.

The PS3 version will apparently be free with PS+ in the EU when it launches, under the PlayStation Plus Presents lineup. No word on if that same courtesy extends to the Vita version of the game under the platforms upcoming PS+ lineup, but we can only hope really. Check out the trailer above.

  • Pinsnpushers

    This looks great. I haven’t even heard of it before today and that sucks as this game obviously deserves some ad support. At least I will know to look for this…thanks. Btw, I’ve never heard of this site but am surprised I haven’t since its everything I like and nothing I’m sick of about other sites. Good job, I’ll spread the word and its nice finding an unbiased site perfect for Sony fans who aren’t necessarily fanboys and need to find the review for Bock Bosher DX for vita (very hard to find, but its also hard to find the psm button on ones vita so I guess that’s a Sony staple but it has taught me to be more perceptive and patient:))