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Table Packs 5 and 6 for Pinball Arcade Delayed

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The Pinball Arcade will be deviating from their original release dates now that a patch for the Vita version of The Pinball Arcade didn’t pass SCEA certification. Table Pack 5 and 6 for both PS3 and Vita have been pushed back indefinitely.

They made their weary pinball fans aware of the entire situation on Monday by writing the following on their Facebook page:

This just in! Unfortunately, the PSVita patch that enables the download of table pack 5 and 6 failed SCEA’s approval due to a library update. The issue has been fixed and re-submitted. Unfortunately we will be delaying the release of those two packs in North America. At Sony’s suggestion (because of cross-platform entitlements), we are delaying the PS3 update until we can release the Vita version as well. We will keep you posted and announce new release dates when we get them.

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Its unfortunate, but you can’t say we didn’t expect it. The Pinball Arcade is self published on several platforms including PSN, the App Store for iOS devices, the Google Play Store for Android tablets and phones, Amazon App Store for Kindle, PC download, App Store for Mac computers, and soon to Steam Greenlight. They’re allowed to drop the ball a couple times.