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Sound Shapes Sample Tracks – October 1st 2012

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Sound Shapes Sample Tracks is a weekly post where the editors from PSNStores.com pick their favorite community levels from Sound Shapes. Have a favorite of your own? Leave a link in the comments and maybe you might see it in a future edition of Sample Tracks.

“The Vault – ESC” by Daftbomb

ESC levels are new to Sound Shapes. They’re categorized as having hidden routes or puzzling exits and dead ends. Oftentimes there are pipes or other transporting objects that aren’t overtly visible. This leads to a lot of trail and error, some confusion, and in most cases a genuine sense accomplishment in tackling puzzling problems. The Vault is a 1 screen level (something we spotlighted last week) that creates a head-scratching memory game using 6 box triggers and 9 lock triggers. By dropping boxes in a certain sequence, you play a sort of puzzle Plinko in order to open paths, drop boxes down them, close other paths, etc. until the two barriers between you and the exit open up. I highly recommend playing this level before watching the video which reveals the correct sequence. It’s very clever, and I didn’t even mind that there are no notes to be found here.
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“Music is the Way” by yodalex

I am becoming a big fan of the types of levels yodalex has been creating. Music is the Way is billed as a speed-run level in its title screenshot. Thus, the pressure is on to get through its seemingly simple layout as quickly as possible. Most of the level only asks you to make precise jumps and avoid red objects while collecting notes. But what else is Sound Shapes about, really? I applaud the effort that some folks like Tony Tough are putting forth by creating narratives through their Sound Shapes levels, but yodalex has tapped into what makes this game the most fun for me: interesting, tough platforming tied to catchy tunes. I’m currently number one on the leaderboard for this level. That’s me issuing a challenge to you. Come at me, bro.
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“Clusterfunk Spelunking” by TheBeejAbides

If you follow the site at all, it should come as no surprise to you that I chose this level. Taking me just over 12 minutes to complete, Clusterfunk Spelunking is one of the more enjoyable long levels I’ve played. The tight spaces and tough platforming elements make it initially frustrating but eventually enjoyable, much like a certain PSN game. You begin by descending into a cave. Signs that proclaim “You Gonna Die!” and other warnings are posted around the screens as you reach lower depths. Some sections take precise timing while others require patience and perseverance to complete. Also, the music sets the atmosphere of a dank cave nicely. I wouldn’t recommend this level to the faint of skill or those who get easily flustered. Otherwise, happy spelunking!
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Check back next week for some more gems from the Sound Shapes community.
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