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Sound Shapes Sample Tracks – September 21st 2012

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Sound Shapes Sample Tracks is a weekly post where the editors from PSNStores.com pick their favorite community levels from Sound Shapes. Have a favorite of your own? Leave a link in the comments and maybe you might see it in a future edition of Sample Tracks.

We are doing something a little different this week. All of the picks below have only 1 screen. The idea was thought up by Daftbomb and a few others in the Sound Shapes community. It is really easy to make a single screen level, so everyone should hop on and try. Leave a link to your level in the comments so we can check it out! In the mean time, you can find tons of 1 screen levels by searching for “1SL” either in-game or on the Sound Shapes Community Website.

“pod – 1SL” by Daftbomb

pod is a fairly interesting take on the 1SL concept. The level is broken up into different chambers all sharing a connection to a central hub. There are no checkpoints so you will want to time your movements just right. You can tell that this is a Daftbomb level by its really sharp look. While most of his other 1SL levels are rather challenging, this one had the perfect balance for me.
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“HEAT -1SL-” by gasssst

As anyone that reads the site knows, I am a huge fan of PAYDAY: The Heist. That game takes a huge inspiration from the movie Heat, which this level’s soundtrack is based off of. There is a small puzzle in this stage that adds some backtracking but I don’t mind since I love the song so much. Levels with puzzles always are my favorites and this one while short is one of the best.
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“Tunnels – 1SL” by SunsetPanther

Most of the time 1SL levels are a little too tough. Rarely do they offer checkpoints so they might be a little frustrating. Tunnels on the other hand is all about timing. SunsetPanther made a stage that you can try to blow through at a fast pace, but he also added some areas where you can take a breather and map out what you want to do. This is one of the best 1SL levels I have played.
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Check back next week for some more gems from the Sound Shapes community.
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