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SingStar Coming To An XMB Near You

Posted by on October 23rd, 2012 | 3 Comments | Tags:

As we reported earlier in the month SingStar will be making its way to PS3s in Europe (for now) as a free XMB application.

Now anyone that has a PlayStation Eye, PlayStation wireless headset, or usb mic will be able to check out SingStar free of charge. They will be offering up a few demo tracks on the SingStore, so that people can try the game out.

Users will be able to load songs from PS2 and PS3 SingStar disc, however you will not be able to install them to the hard drive. You can access all of your downloaded SingStar tracks from the app though.

There are also going to be some new trophies added. You can check the full list of features on the SingStar website.

I asked if we will see this XMB app here in the US as an got a generic PR response, so hopefully the wait isn’t too long.