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PSM Quick Play: ZooZooGo! & Rock Boshers DX

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‘PSM Quick Play’ are impressions from newly released PlayStation Mobile titles and are based on roughly 20 minutes or more of playtime. Full reviews are available at a later date.

Rock Boshers DX

$2.79 – Tested on Vita (Game was purchased)

I never owned a ZX Spectrum but if the title screen is anything to go by it must have been a trip. Rock Boshers DX is an action puzzle game that takes place on the planet Mars. You go from screen to screen grabbing keys and shooting zombies, centipedes and more.

The key grabbing aspect is a lot like Chip’s Challenge, which I like. Different colored keys unlock gates of the same color opening up pathways so you can escape. Each screen is timed and there are also 3 different items to collect: a scone, some cheese and a teacup. This gives the game some re-playability.

The only thing I am sort of down on at this point is that it seems to be using original resolution of the ZX Spectrum, so there are huge black borders around the game. If you liked Retro City Rampage, you might like this title.

Hot: Cool 8bit music, funny dialogue, finding hidden items
Not: Small resolution on my huge OLED display

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$3.29 – Tested on Vita (Game was purchased)

ZooZooGo! might be the best puzzle game on PSM at this point. So far I have unlocked a slider Match-3 game and Shanghai mahjong, each of which have been a blast to play. In Match-3 you have to slide animals around by either row or column. Match 3 or more and they are released from the board. New animals will fall into place and combos can be chained earning you more coins.

I say unlocked because the game uses a currency system. Playing games earns you coins which can be used to buy power-ups and unlock new stages. There is an in-app purchase system, but at the rate I am earning coins I don’t think I will ever use it. The most expensive of these purchases is $3.49 to unlock everything. New modes are unlocked by finding treasure while playing or buy paying coins. If you find a golden elephant a new mode is unlocked.

I think I sunk about 1 hour into the Match-3 mode and could see this game taking me away from Treasures of Montezuma Blitz. Simple gameplay + cute visuals = all sorts of addicting.

Hot: Addictive, Great artstyle, easy to earn coins
Not: Animal noises get annoying, I really dislike rocks in this game
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