PlayStation Mobile Impressions: Super Crate Box, Rebel, Beat Slider, Fuel Tiracas

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Super Crate Box

Vlambeer – $3.49

Having never played a version of the game before I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but after only seconds into the tutorial I knew that this was a game that I would be hooked on.  The concept of collecting crates while shooting and dodging enemies on a single screen is simplistic but also very fun.  The game also plays well using the controls on the Vita, and with how precise you have to be with timing jumps and shots some times, I cant imagine playing any other way.  While having only three levels is a bit of a downer the multiple unlockable weapons, characters, and level modes means that this is a game that I will be coming back to time and again.


PomPom Games- $1.99

In Rebel you take control of an escaped prisoner whose only means of defense is dodging enemy fire in the hopes of making  them shoot each other.  Constantly trying to line up shots so that they hit other enemies (and not yourself) is  a blast and there is good strategy involved since point values increase when the same enemy destroys multiple other enemies. You also collect stash, randomly appearing in game and after each match based on how you did, that you can trade in for power-ups, costumes, and other game modes which really add to the replay value of the title. Once unlocked you can equip up to three different power-ups, such as armor that can take a hit for you or having the ability to run faster, so it will be interesting to unlock and experiment to find what loadout works best for you.

Beats Slider

Futurlab Ltd. – $0.79

Beats Slider takes the sliding puzzles that we have all experienced before and adds a musical twist. You have to solve each puzzle by sliding each piece to its correct location but once you do it adds beats to the level song. So as you are solving the puzzle the soundtrack for the level is changing and you will hear the full riff once the puzzle is complete.  Its a really neat mechanic that is well done. You are timed on each of the 16 levels and can be awarded a gold, silver, or bronze medal based on how long you took to solve it.  Unfortunately if you are like me and suck at sliding puzzles you probably wont win many medals (the bronze medal time on the first level was 1:30, it took me 7:23…).  There is a  cheat system in place though that can use four times per puzzle that automatically puts a single piece in its correct location for the cost of 10 seconds on the clock, which should alleviate frustrations for the less skilled players (i.e me). The music in the game is well done and the ability to remix songs after completing a puzzle is a nice touch, but this game will offer the most enjoyment to people who are fans of sliding puzzles.

Fuel Tiracas

Futurlab Ltd. – $0.49

In Fuel Tiracas you need to boot up nuclear reactors to create a breathable atmosphere on the planet Tiracas. You do this by by taping fuel nodes to fill up constantly draining fuel gauges to certain levels. These fuel nodes appear on the left and right sides of the screen and the sequence that they appear is unique for each level, which means that the more you replay a level and learn the sequence the faster you can complete that level.  And you will want to complete those levels as fast as you can since this game supports online leaderboards. Although not tied to PSN (you just have to input a name when you complete a level) its a really nice addition to have. As you get to higher levels the game will start to add more fuel gauges you have to fill and different fuel cells, such as ones you have to tap multiple times or not tap at all, which really add to the challenge.  The game also includes in game trophies and as a bonus for fans of Futurlab’s past titles it is also set in the same universe as Velocity. As the cheapest PSM game at launch it is also one of the best offering fast paced and fun gameplay that is sure to give your thumbs a good workout.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    what game is best visually??? Rebel looks pretty good

    • Andrew

      Its kind of hard to say which looks better since they all have different styles, but I really like the old school look of Super Crate Box and the brightness of the colors in Fuel Tiracas

    • Eric G

      Samurai Beatdown has great animations, too.

  • Eric G

    Fuel Tiracas is a load of fun. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only person who stinks at slide puzzles. Do you think I’d get more mileage out of Rebel or Super Crate Box? What’s the allure of going back and replaying the 3 Super Crate Box levels? Is there a survival mode or someway to get higher points or something? I think the game looks great and I’d probably like it, but I’m not 100% sold just yet. Seems like a fair asking price.

    • vlambeer

      For Super Crate Box, basically you try to beat your own scores or the scores of your friends. We like to think we made a game you go back to because you’re sure you can do better if you just wouldn’t screw up that one thing that ended your flawless run last time.

    • Eric G

      Thanks! I read this response sometime last night and bought SCB. The next time I checked the clock, over an hour had passed. I fell into the same sort of session today. I love the game, and I’m happy you brought it to PSM. I don’t play games on my PC (unless you count Phantasy Star Online relapses from time to time) and I only recently got an iPod touch.

      By the way, correct me if I’m wrong, and I know this is going to sound somewhat vague, but I attended an NYU Gamecenter party a couple of years ago and I think Super Crate Box was there. Does that sound right? Did I know about this game and somehow let it slip away?

      A thousand apologies,
      Eric G.

    • vlambeer

      If that was anywhere in the last two years, it might be true. We’re good friends with some of the NYC-crew and we’ve run into Frank Lantz, the Babycastles-team and the local developer scene quite often. Our games have been floating around NYC, too!

    • Eric G

      Yeah, it was definitely a Babycastles event.

    • Andrew

      Man I remember playing Silent Hill Homecoming and spent around 2 hours trying to pass a required sliding puzzle. Was not a good time

      In Super Crate Box each level has two extra modes that are unlocked when you hit the required amount of crates on that level. I have only unlocked one so far, but it definitely upped the difficulty.

      I am still not sure which of those two I enjoy more (I have been playing both of them around the same amount) but with the challenge involved with unlocking the extra modes in Super Crate Box you may get more millage out of it compared to Rebel.