Lights, Camera, Party! DLC Out Today

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Lights, Camera, Party! DLC “The Good, the Bad and the Monkey” will be available on the PSN Store later today.

This DLC includes a new game mode called The Duel, 10 new minigames, 6 trophies and 40 new in-game awards. The Duel allows for two players to battle it out in six rounds of minigames in order to defeat the other in a high noon showdown.

The themes for each new minigame are as follows:

  • Eating corn on a cob (as a monkey!)
  • Shaking the hell out of a banana-shooting coconut tree
  • Stopping a rampaging Funzaur using a laser-beaming satellite
  • Keeping Ape TV’s studio afloat by fixing its monkey-busted monitors
  • Assembling a snowman for Clovis, because you just love that dog SO MUCH
  • Putting out your flaming monkey crewmen with a hose…inside the studio
  • Dodging incoming ghosts
  • Blasting aliens with Billy the Lightkid!
  • Taking part in an epic skiing action reel
  • Surprising Funzaur before he wakes up!

You can check out a trailer for the DLC above. “The Good, the Bad and the Monkey” will be available later today for $4.99.