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Arkedo Series Recap Review

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The Arkedo Series is finally releasing on the US Store today. As we have already reviewed all 3 games in the Arkedo Series, there is not really a point of reviewing them all over again. Instead I will just provide a recap for each and put them in here for easy reading.


All in all, JUMP! is a welcome walk down memory lane, with all of the looks, sounds, and challenges that retro games had to offer. After beating all 30 levels, you unlock a level select mode that allows you to play through each level with the intent of collecting all coins, diamonds, hearts, etc. If you complete each level in this manner, you unlock level 31, the “uberhard robots’ stage”. It took me about an hour of intense play to beat level 31, so it’s rather aptly named. I got that “one more go” type of addiction that pushed me into the early hours of the morning before finally completing it. Afterwards, it definitely felt worth it. I’m delighted that Sanuk Games is publishing this series for such a low price.

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Swap’s simply nothing more than a match four puzzle game. There’s a few added items (coins, lightning blocks and time blocks) that try to switch up the game but nothing that makes Swap stand out. The only thing that’s different about Swap is how it controls. Swapping blocks is done with the right analog stick by flicking in the direction that you want to swap. At first I really liked how this worked. It’s a simple and unique way to play the game and worked really well initially. However once the game starts to speed up and you’re required to swap faster is when the controls stop working. Suddenly it becomes way too easy to swap blocks in the wrong direction. Numerous times I found myself swapping up when I needed to swap down or left when I wanted to go right. It’s especially frustrating when you’re trying to swap as fast as you can.

I really wanted to like Swap. After loving the previous Arkedo game I certainly had high hopes. There’s nothing about Swap that’s going to make it stand out. Nothing that’ll make you wanting to come back for more. In the end it’s just a boring puzzle game with a good sense of humor.

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What makes Pixel! different from other platforming games is the twist that it provides. Throughout each level you’ll come across a block marked with an exclamation point. Inspecting these blocks with your magnifying glass reveals a maze to be solved. Doing so will do one of a few different things. You’ll either regain health, open up the pathway to continue through the level or find a ‘useless relic’. That being said the mazes in the game seemed to be repeated a lot and most didn’t provide much of a challenge at all. I think inspecting blocks to reveal puzzles is a really cool mechanic but I kind of wish that it was something that they expanded upon as the game progressed.

Pixel! is a perfectly competent platforming adventure and the puzzle mode offers up a decent amount of variety. It’s a game that kept me smiling the entire way through but doesn’t offer the amount of content that I’d have liked.

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You can pick up the Arkedo Series on US PSN today for $5.99