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Arkedo Series Coming To US PSN On Oct 16th

Posted by on October 1st, 2012 | 3 Comments | Tags: , , ,

“I was almost not expecting it anymore.” Even Sanuk Games’ Yan Marchal was taken by surprise at the news.

“Sony America demanded that the 3 games be grouped into one offering”, adds Yan, “as opposed to being sold individually, like we did in Europe. This required a little bit of extra work, and at the time we didn’t have the bandwidth for it, therefore we postponed the release for a while.”

Then it seems that the QA process and submission process got the best of them. “I was almost not expecting it anymore. I would like to thank everybody at Sony America who supported us and argued in our favor throughout the twists and turns of the system. We’re glad we can finally bring these little jewels to America!”

For a price of $5.99 you can get all three Arkedo games (Jump!, Swap!, and Pixel!) on October 16th in one package. We reviewed them back when they came out in Europe so check our reviews here: Jump!Swap!Pixel!

So has anyone be patiently waiting for these to come out, or did you get them from the EU store?