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Resident Evil 6 Demo Live Today, Conan Gives it 35 out of 1500

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First order of news will be most important to those Resident Evil fans waiting feverishly to fend off the infected zombies in the Resident Evil series. It comes out today along with the September 18th PlayStation Store update.

What bit of news could possibly follow that bombshell? There was a preview-slash-review of the RE6 demo by one “Clueless Gamer” known as Conan O’Brien. He got his hands on the demo early and shared the hilarity with fans on the Team Coco website. There is also a Team Coco app for that. While his rating system is a little out of the ordinary with the smaller number representing a favorable review, everything else is on point.

Its refreshing to see a comedic take on the whole review/preview process that this gaming industry has taken so seriously. He manages to convey his impression of the RE6 demo from a gamer’s perspective while still poking fun. If you like pasta and shellfish, you’ll enjoy Conan’s RE6 preview.

Chris here with a small update. If you don’t want to wait for the US store to update, the demo is up on JP, HK or EU stores right now!