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Joe Danger 2 Announced For PSN

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While it may have seemed inevitable, the wait for Joe Danger 2: The Move on PSN has seemed like forever, especially when the developer isn’t able to talk about the fact that the game is coming to PSN. Well, now Hello Games has broken their silence and screamed it loudly from the rooftops. Joe Danger is coming home, and is bringing some extra content along with him for the ride. 10 hours of extra content, to be exact, focusing on the simplicity of the original game’s Bike sections.

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In even better news, the game is coming to PSN within the next couple of weeks, at least that’s what Hello Games is hoping for. Joe Danger the movie really is an exemplary title from what I’ve played of the XBLA release, and the PSN version’s extra content look to make it the definitive version. Like when a film is released on DVD for the first time with all the special features that you crave. I love watching those things.