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The Pinball Arcade DLC Table Pack Trophies Incoming

Posted by on August 27th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Tags:

Just about the only complaint anyone ever had about the DLC table packs for The Pinball Arcade has been the lack of trophies. Now that’s all behind us as trophies are clearly coming to Table Packs 1 through 4 for both PS3 and Vita.

If you boot up your Vita and navigate through the Trophies app to your PlayStation Network trophies (right of “PS Vita System”), take a look at all those glorious add-on trophy packs under The Pinball Arcade base trophies for the PS3 AND Vita versions. Each pack comes with two tables, and each table will have three trophies. This is not visible on the PS3, only the Vita.

The trophy requirements are the same as all the base trophies, except this time they aren’t hidden. Obtaining a top 5 local high score will net a bronze trophy for each table. Completing the Standard Goals will reward you with a silver trophy for each table. And completing the Wizard Goals will unlock the last silver trophy for each table.

None of these trophies are currently unlockable or even viewable locally and without an internet connection to your PSN synced master trophy list. There will likely be a patch updating the title to enable trophies for the DLC table packs. We’ve reached out to FarSight Studios for comment and await their reply.

Might we see an update as early as the Tuesday, August 28th’s PS Store update?