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More DLC Tables Expected Tuesday for The Pinball Arcade

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Somehow missing from the PS Blog announcements, drops, and blogcast entirely, The Pinball Arcade should finally receive more tables added to the four stock tables and four previously released DLC tables come this Tuesday’s PS Store update.

The Pinball Arcade announces nearly all their news to fans via their Facebook page. They had this to say about Pack 3 on August 1:

Table Pack #3 for PS3/Vita and 360 are in submission. We hope to have it approved and released before the end of the month. The video that we have posted on youtube is the 360 version.

Table Pack 3 will include Gorgar and Monster Bash, while Pack 4 will include Creature From The Black Lagoon and Black Knight. Both Gorgar and Black Knight are playable in the 2009 PS3 release of Pinball Hall of Fame Williams Collection, also developed by FarSight Studios.

August 28th marks the final PS Store update for the month of August, therefor leading us to believe that Table Pack 3 will be available at the very least. Both Packs 3 and 4 have already been released on Mac/PC and smart phones, so we might not be surprised to see them both August 28th on PSN for PS3 and Vita. We’ve reached out to FarSight Studios for confirmation, although we may just have to wait and see.

FarSight Studios most recently announced Table Pack 5 which will include Harley Davidson Third Edition and Taxi. While both of these tables may share a vehicular theme, the nearly 20 year gap between their original manufacturing dates explains the unique experiences they each offer.