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Here’s Some Of PlayStation Mobile’s First Games

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It seemed like a distant dream last year, but now it finally seems that PlayStation Mobile is fast approaching something tangible. With yesterday’s unveiling of the first titles for the service, PlayStation UK went in to a little more detail regarding some of the service’s first big games. Here’s what they had to say about each of them;


Aqua Kitty

Help a team of milk-mining kittens overcome their fear of water following a shortage of the white stuff on land. Drill down into the seabed on the hunt for untapped vast natural reserves of milk whilst shooting down an assortment of sea monsters.

Flick Hockey

Leave your spare change at home and use intuitive touchscreen controls to immerse yourself in the action in this air hockey simulation that features a first-person view and realistic 3D graphics to put you right at the heart of the arcade action.

Frederic – Resurrection of Music

Grab some culture in this unique rhythm action game in which you play as renowned Polish composer Frédéric Chopin. Resurrected from his eternal slumber by a mysterious figure, can you help the virtuoso pianist defeat wave after wave of opponents as he seeks out the one who woke him from his sleep?


Keep your cool in this top-down action puzzler that requires quick thinking and fast reflexes. A giant alien monster is attacking the city and it’s up to you to help survivors escape by creating blockades, toppling houses, dropping bombs and throwing lifebelts to save those about to be swallowed by the slime.

Passing Time

Limber up for an arcade twist on the beautiful game as you take to the pitch in intense five-a-side matches where you can literally set the match on fire by taking out opponents with supercharged fireballs.

Samurai Beatdown

Unleash devastating attacks in this unique take on the side-scrolling beat ’em up genre as you tap in time to the music to take out vicious enemies.


Press play on this musical take on the classic slider puzzle. Work your way through a series of musical levels and then jumble them up to remix them and create brand new puzzles.

Super Crate Box

Help yourself to a healthy slice of retro gaming action as you look to wipe out as many enemies as you can and collect every weapon crate on offer on your way to racking up a high score that will be the envy of your friends.


Figure out how to overcome a variety of obstacles and guide your ball to safety using intuitive touch and tilt controls as you attempt to master 50 ever trickier levels.

Tractor Trails

You’ll need your wits about you, not to mention fast fingers, as you guide Red the Tractor around 130 levels in which the aim of the game is to plant as many trees as possible whilst avoiding obstacles such as the spiteful old scarecrow.

Twist Pilot

This fiendishly addictive puzzler will tie you in knots if you’re not careful – have you got what it takes to guide the constantly rotating Phil through 72 action-packed levels whilst avoiding the mischievous spiders and their troublesome tricks and traps?


So, that’s already a pretty good set of games so far. I’m particularly interested in seeing how Slidinbeats turns out. Its from Futurlab, the makers of PSNStores favourites Coconut Dodge and Velocity, so there’s one heck of a pedigree there already. Look for more coverage of these games in the coming months, as we get closer to the launch of PlayStation Mobile.