Sneak Peek: July 10th PSN Releases

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Quantum Conundrum
Rainbow Moon

PSN Games

Frogger Hyper Arcade Edition
Quantum Conundrum
Rainbow Moon

PS3 Games

Game of Thrones
Get Up And Dance
NCAA Football 2013

PS1 Games

Mickey Mania


Dragon’s Dogma
Gravity Rush (Vita)
Magic 2013
Record of Agarest War 2

[Source: PlayStation Blogcast]

  • at least the gravity rush dlc. rejoice :rolleyes:

  • waste another week

  • Sderochea

    I can’t believe I still have 4-5 months wait before I finally have a reason to use my vita. Gravity rush doesn’t look lIke my cup of tea or I would be playing that and for my taste I think the launch list sucked. So far I have a $300 paper weight

    • I sold mine i think it’s another mini disc and betamax.

  • Chuk 420

    enough with the disney games like the ones from ps1 COME ON no one in their right mind would buy those