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PAYDAY: The Heist DLC Coming “In A Short While”

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Overkill Team seemed to break their radio silence today about the upcoming PAYDAY DLC on Twitter. Stating that, “The Wolf Pack DLC which will hit PC & PS3 simultaneously is due out in a short while! So PS3 users will get new stuff too, soon!” This fits in with the rumors that the DLC would be hitting in 3 weeks (French link alert).

The “new stuff too” refers to the No Mercy Hospital level that was released for the Steam version today. You may recall this L4D/PAYDAY mash-up that was causing a lot of confusion in the games press a few weeks ago. Overkill currently has no plans to bring it to PS3. Saying, “L4D is Xbox360 exclusive on consoles so this Payday DLC can never come to PS3 for contractual reasons. There’s nothing we can do.” While this is sad news, there really isn’t much that can be done.

You know we will be covering the DLC as we get more info, I mean I did get a Platinum trophy and all.