Nifflas’ Knytt Underground Coming To PS3 & Vita

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Knytt Underground will be making its way to Vita and PS3 later this year thanks to Green Hill and Ripstone Publishing.

If you are like me and have no clue what Knytt or Knytt Stories is it appears to be a massively popular indie game. There are tons of Let’s Plays on Youtube alone. Knytt Underground is the sequel to both these titles and is the biggest game Nicklas Nygren, Creative Director over at Nifflas, has ever made. “It’s about the big questions; trying to understand life and our place in it – and failing completely,” he said.

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While the game is also coming out on PC/Mac/Linux the PlayStation versions will be seeing some unique content.

  • Would be really nice if this was a PC release, considering Knytt and Within a Deep Forest are still PC exclusives. Otherwise I can’t support an indie developer that I actually like.

    • Chris

      It is still coming to PC/Mac/Linux as well

  • Looking forward to seeing some gameplay footage of it soon. 🙂