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Malicious Finally Arrives On US PSN July 24th

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Originally released in Japan in 2010, and then earlier this year in Europe, it appears that Malicious’ long journey towards a release on the US PSN is finally nearing an ending. Announced today on the PlayStation Blog, Malicious will be released on US PSN on July 24th, and will come in at $9.99. In case you’re not sure what the game is, we’ll elaborate for you. Malicious is a boss rush game, with the player taking control of a spirit vessel, with the ability to absorb other bosses’ abilities upon defeat. The combat is fast and fun, with each boss requiring a different strategy for just how to exploit weaknesses and defeat it. We reviewed Malicious when it was first released in Europe, and awarded it 4 Stars. If you’re still not sure if the game’s going to be your cup of tea though, you’ll find the trailer above.