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Get your PS3 & Vita ready for When Vikings Attack

Posted by on May 24th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

What would happen if vikings suddenly came to today’s time? They’d probably wreak havoc and destroy everything in their path, right? Well that’s exactly the premise in When Vikings Attack from Clever Beans. The Playstation Blog has just announced this all new beat ’em up game for the PSN and Vita.

In When Vikings Attack you must defend your town from, you guessed it, vikings! No matter who you are, (a police man, a school boy, or even a pastor) your job is simple: Fight against these rampaging vikings and stop them from destroying your town.

The gameplay is said to be a “pick up and play” style of game, where anyone can learn how to play in just mere seconds. You control a certain group of little characters who are contained in a colored circle, and they all stick together going everywhere with one another. The more guys you have in control, the bigger object you can carry and launch at the vikings; cars, dumpsters, poles, you name it!

It gets even better though, because this game offers 4-player couch co-op… in more than one way. This game will feature cross-platform play between the PS3 and Vita, allowing for a multitude of ways to play with your friends. You can have two people playing on the PS3 and the other two people playing using their Vitas! Or one person on the PS3 and three on the Vita. Any combination will work, and it will work flawlessly as shown in the video above.

Since this game is a cross-platform game it will feature a save system which will allow you to play the adventure mode on your PS3 and continue playing on the Vita. Aw, so you’ll have to buy two copies of the game for that? Nope! If you buy one version of When Vikings Attack, you will get the other version absolutely free! Talk about a great deal!

This sounds like the perfect game to play when friends come over and you all just wanna tear some stuff up. And if you’re low on controllers, but they have a Vita, it’ll be even better. This is one game you’ll wanna keep your eyes on. No release date has been given, but let’s hope the wait won’t be much longer.