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Chris and Nick Play Some When Vikings Relax

Posted by on February 6th, 2013 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

When Vikings Relax, a new DLC add-on for When Vikings Attack was quietly released earlier this week.

Included in When Vikings Relax are a few things. First there are 10 all new battle arenas for multiplayer. All of these seem to have some sort of gimmick and have to do with things people (or in this case Vikings) do to relax. For example there is a chess board which falls apart, an old theater stage with trap doors and even a pinball machine and a rock concert. Besides the multiplayer levels, a new solo survival challenge has been added which challenges you to 15 waves of item tossing mayhem.

You can check all of this out in the embedded video (new multiplayer levels start around 23:30)

The add-on pack costs $4 and is cross-buy, so you get it for both PS3 and Vita.