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Big Sky Infinity coming to Vita and PS3

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I don’t blame you if you were holding out for another game with something pertaining to Infinity in the title this year, but I really must insist that you watch the trailer up there. (Make sure to change the quality… it is defaulting to 240p)

I’m going to assume that you’re still here. That was Really Big Sky, a 2011 PC game. This year, the latest version of that game, titled Big Sky Infinity will be coming to PS3 and Vita, with original developer Boss Baddie studios partnering with VooFoo Studios on development duty, and Ripstone on publishing duties. While not much is known about the new version, the press release below does take the time to state that the new version ‘will introduce new modes and enemies, and touch controls to its predecessors.’ While that’s rather vague, the very idea of an expanded version of the above game gets me rather excited. We could always use more insane side scrolling shooters, and this looks like just the right level of brain damaging insanity. Big Sky Infinity is due out this year, and we’ll bring you more details when they’re released.


Indie game developer Boss Baddie align with development partner VooFoo Studios and publishing partner Ripstone to bring Big Sky Infinity to console

LIVERPOOL, UK. Indie game developers Boss Baddie and VooFoo Studios are pleased to announce the creation of a strategic partnership with Ripstone Publishing that will bring the latest version of the critically acclaimed twin-stick shooter PC game Really Big Sky to console.

The newest iteration in the Big Sky series is Big Sky: Infinity, it will be the first of the Big Sky games to appear on a handheld or home console and will be available on PlayStation®3 and PlayStation® Vita later this year.

Big Sky: Infinity is a procedurally generated, super fast, twin-stick shooter game that will introduce new modes and enemies, and touch controls to its predecessors.

VooFoo Studios will develop the new game in conjunction with Boss Baddie.

The alliance with Ripstone and VooFoo will further advance Boss Baddie’s strategy to provide great games for gamers worldwide.

James Whitehead, owner and lead developer of Boss Baddie enthuses: “We’re excited about the opportunities now available for the game so we can take it to the next level. It’s great to get input and support from industry veterans and the support Ripstone have provided has been invaluable.”

Mark Williams, Technology Director at VooFoo states “It is hugely exciting to be able to continue our collaboration with Ripstone, and join forces with the incredibly creative guys at Boss Baddie to bring the Big Sky series to the PlayStation Network. With the passion, enthusiasm and expertise of the three parties combined, we are well placed to deliver a world class game.”

Ripstone Ltd is focused on fostering the relationship between publisher and developer to produce great games by understanding what developers want to achieve and what they need to get there.

Phil Gaskell, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Ripstone states: “It’s great to be in a position where we can foster talent and enable Boss Baddie to further develop their dreams for the game.”

For a taste of things to come, Really Big Sky is currently discounted on Steam to mark the announcement of Big Sky: Infinity.