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The Unfinished Swan May Emerge Soon

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Well, its been a while since we’ve heard anything on The Unfinished Swan, Giant Sparrow’s upcoming title. Well, a couple of small things have emerged that suggest the game may be close to an unveiling. If you’ve been keeping track, then you may remember a post on the site from a while ago suggesting that the game is now a PSN title, being funded by Sony, with the development team currently working alongside Sony Santa Monica in what I can only assume is the same sort of role the studio has provided for titles such as Journey.

This was all started by a post on the company’s twitter account a few weeks back;


@GrrSnort @patrickklepek The Unfinished Swan is still happening. Check your radar in the next few weeks for some big news.

So, that was a few weeks ago, what could have called attention to it now? Well, Eurogamer’s PlayStation All Stars post might have some answers.

Put it this way: without Sony there would be no Journey. And there’s another under-wraps oddity – to be revealed next week – which once again highlights the company’s laudable support for new talent.

Things appear to be coming together rather cleanly, so it looks like we could very well see The Unfinished Swan as early as next week. I for one am excited to see what it has now morphed into after the title’s somewhat extended development time. Of course, when the game is officially announced, we’ll tell you about it.