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What’s going on with “The Unfinished Swan”? – An Investigation, of sorts.

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Well, here goes. Most of this work was done by the Superannuation Twitter Account, I just spent some time putting it all together in one place.

You remember this game? I won’t hold it against you if you don’t

It’s called “The Unfinished Swan”. It made a couple of appearances at Indie game shows, before disappearing into the aether, with nobody having seen it in quite some time.

Here’s a video for the game, from October 2008;

Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the project is dead and gone. But you’d be wrong. It seems that the team behind the game is currently chipping away at this rather ambitious looking game, under direct funding from Sony, with the developer seemingly holed away in Sony Santa Monica. Let’s take a look at some evidence, shall we?

1: Job Adverts for the game “The Unfinished Swan”, on gameguzzler.com
Advert A
Advert B

Direct Quote from pages;
Giant Sparrow is a small indie developer working with a major publisher on The Unfinished Swan, a first-person painting game set in an entirely white world.

This is a fulltime job and we’re located in Santa Monica, CA. We’re a tiny team (4 developers, plus the occasional contractor) so everyone wears a few hats. Benefits include health, dental, and a 401(k). We’ve got an indie ethos even though we’re funded by a major publisher.

So, the game is still in development. You want to know how we can figure out that Sony is the publisher?

2. The Resume of Gautam S. Rangan;
Direct Quote;

Past Employment:
3D Design and Animation
Giant Sparrow/Sony Computer Entertainment, Santa Monica, CA Oct – Nov 2010
•generate concept art, 3d animations in Maya, and models for Gamebryo game engine/ PlayStation 3.

So… there we have it. The game still exists, and is being funded by Sony. Any questions? I hope to be able to do a few more of these posts as and when we find out about titles that have disappeared, so be on the look out.

The website for the game