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Soul Sacrifice Teaser Site Is Live

Posted by on April 18th, 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags:

Not a whole lot is currently known about the upcoming Vita game Soul Sacrifice but that hasn’t really stopped people from speculating. While the teaser site is now live the official unveiling of the game will take place on May 10th. There even seems to be promise of some sort of live showing although whether or not that means there will be a live stream I’m not certain. (The site allows people to register for a chance to be invited to some sort of demoing of the game.)

If you check out the teaser site you’ll see a string of text that appears. In this order they read:

  • A true fantasy
  • A Sorcerer
  • It’s not about cooperation
  • It’s about fighting, shoulder to shoulder.
  • Are you ready?

I’m not sure that any of that really makes much sense but it at least would kind of support early thoughts of this being some sort of Monster Hunter clone. There’s also some speculation (that’s really reaching I might add) that this might have something to do with From Software.

Either way we’ll be sure to keep our eye on May 10th when the game gets properly revealed.