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Legasista Coming to PSN This August!

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If you’ve played a Cladun game before chances are you already know what Legasista is all about. This time coming to you through PSN instead of PSP the game brings back much of what you would have seen from Cladun. This includes the randomly generated dungeons, customizable characters, weapons, fighting styles, personalities and more.

Legasista takes place in a world that science forgot. Many fear science now and regard it as magic and curses. All the while a young man by the name of Alto is traveling to the Ivy Tower which supposedly houses relics of the lost art of science.

Added on top of all the customization you’d come to expect from this type of game is the ability to import images from your PS3 and use them as characters in your game. The game automatically will turn these images into playable characters upon import. (I’ll be very interested to see just how well that works as it sounds really cool.)

New assets should be made available in a near future so we’ll post an update when that happens. For now you can check out the trailer right here.

NISA will be bringing Legasista to PSN in America this August.