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Don’t Worry Guys, Machinarium Is Still Coming To PSN

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Google tells me the last time we heard anything about Machinarium was back in 2011. It seems that some sites were reporting that the game was due out in February this year. Seeing how it is almost April, I decided to reach out to the developers to see if we could get an update to the game’s progress.

I have some good news to report as it is very much alive and still in production. When I asked how far along they were Jakub Dvorsky, the designer of Machinarium told me that, “actually it’s already finished and now we are just polishing it.” All that is left for them after polishing is having the game rated and sending it to the dreaded Sony QA.

Since this is their first time working with the PS3 some hiccups are to be expected. “It’s our first game on PSN so we don’t have any experiences with it and don’t know how much time it could take until the release,” he added.

So while we don’t have a firm release date yet, the game is still coming and it seems that if all goes well hopefully it will be out soon.