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PixelJunk 4am Party Posters Feature New Visualizers

Posted by on February 26th, 2012 | 7 Comments | Tags:

If you are going to be in the San Francisco area around the week of GDC, you may want to check out this party Q-Games is throwing. Dubbed the GDC Kickoff Party, people in attendance will get to see a demo of the game as performed by Baiyon himself. The best part is however that afterwards anyone is free to try the game out. I am super jealous, as I will be heading down to SF after this party happens.

If you read our interview with Rowan about the game you might have saw the cool new screens we had. Some of which were a first look at a new visualizer. Well these party posters feature even more kick ass visuals, all which were made with screenshots from the game.

Visualizers: Classic and Hair

Visualizers: Boids

Visualizers: Odyssey

Visualizers: Korg and Voronoi