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New Quantum Conundrum “Fluffy Dimension” Screens and Info

Posted by on February 20th, 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags:

Other than the occasional screenshot we haven’t heard much from Quantum Conundrum since it was first revealed last fall. While today doesn’t bring much more information on the game it does seem like we’re not far off from seeing more of the game with GDC and PAX not far off. For now we have eight new screenshots and some new info on the Fluffy Dimension.

One of five dimensions you’ll be able to access using the Inter-Dimensional Shift Device, the Fluffy Dimension turns everything in the world fluffy, pink and plush. Suddenly you’ll be able to use the weightlessness of objects to your advantage to pick up heavy objects like metal safes and create ramps, hit switches or throw them into the air.

The final dimension is supposed to be revealed during GDC this year so we’ll be sure to have more information very soon.