TMYK: PS3 FW 4.00 Removes PSP Copy Functionality For Installed Titles

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Updates: After testing, the whole 32 install bubbles are the max number allowed is bunk. I have 33 on my XMB right now. However another side effect of this has been found. It seems that Minis and PSone titles will no longer be installed automatically when you choose to auto-shutdown after background downloads complete. They will not install automatically after downloading without the use of background downloading either. Simply put, all Minis and PSone titles must now be manually installed.

It also seems that PSP only content can no longer be installed at all, it will just remain as an install bubble. So if you liked to store all your digital PSP games on your PS3 in a nice folder you are out of luck.

Thanks @Wario64

I really hate it when stuff like this happens. It seems that with the latest PS3 firmware the option to copy installed titles which have PSP playback ability has been removed. Instead you are forced to redownload all of these titles that you wish to put on the PSP and copy them over before they are installed.

Minis titles which are redownloaded can still be installed and played on the PS3, but it leaves the install bubble at the top of your XMB game list. This is so you can put the game on the PSP after it has been installed to the PS3 at some point. A user on NeoGAF noted that you can only have 32 pending installs on the PS3. So if you have that many it would halt the ability for you to download in the background.

What are your thoughts on this? As someone who plays a bunch of minis, this is a pain in my ass.

  • Eric G

    this is silly. are they trying to make it more annoying to use your psp so you upgrade to a vita? i don’t get it, what is the benefit of doing this?

  • Mrcurrie21

    Is it just me or is the Vita the worst thing that ever happened to the PS3?

  • brewer

    I have no clue why Sony would remove that functionality. Not being able to store PSP games in folders anymore is bad enough, but also having to re-download Mini’s and PS1 classics to transfer them over to my PSP or keep doubles of them on my PS3 for speedy transfers just doesn’t make any sense.

  • rondon

    As stupid as it is; there is a legitimate reason for it.

    So ps3 hackers can’t get vita keys. Basically, before when you psp/ps1/minis installed the games, the ps3 would sign the them using the PSP(and or PS3) keys and lock them to the username.

    When hackers hacked the ps3, they not only got the ps3 keys, they also got psp keys since the ps3 signed them. Now, it appears that the ps3 connects to the psp/vita and it sends it’s keys to the ps3 for signing.

    So now, hackers would’nt get the Vita keys unless they hack the vita.

    I don’t get why they’re using the same process for the PSP though, thoes keys are out in the wild. It’s probably for parity but still an annoyance since bubbles can’t be grouped up. >:(

  • This is just stupid. I’ve decided to just re-download the games directly to the PSP which is obviously slow because it only supports 802.11 b. If Sony ever wants to really face-off with Apple they’re going to have to cut out shenanigans like this, or do as Apple does in give fair warning on ending support for a device or piece of software. Oh well lets hope that Sony get’s it act together now that their new CEO is the former man in charge of Playstation.

  • Ernie Gutierrez

    ya i know this is so stupid

  • Ernie Gutierrez

    sony you need fix this stupid thing