The More You Know: PSN Content Can Be Region Locked

Posted by on November 25th, 2011 | 7 Comments | Tags: ,

As I do every week I find myself downloading weird things from foreign PSN stores. This week saw the release of Joysound Dive, a karaoke application, on the Japanese PSN Store. Joysound Dive is the PS3 release of the Wii karaoke game which is set to act like a karaoke bar. Users have to purchase tickets to play which can range from 24hrs to a month. This is all besides the point as I found that I couldn’t even load the application.

It seems that there is a way for publishers to lock content based on the region you are accessing from. I tried to access the game via my Japanese PSN account and it would not work either. While this shouldn’t alarm anyone, I mean this is a Japanese karaoke game, but I am just posting this to let you know it exists. Hopefully publishers continue with the status quo and do not region lock proper games.

  • I believe it has to do with the rights of the songs within the application, no?

    • Probably, it was the same thing I was thinking

  • Velketh

    On some other site someone posted, that rather by IP, the region lock applies to the country where the console was sold. (Or to be more precise: For which market it was manufactured.)

    If that were to be true and more region locked games were to come out I might even consider buying a second (japanese) PS3. Of course if it`s a IP restriction that would be meaningless. Anyone know what it really is?

    • Ragnatz

      I believe it’s IP-based, as my PS3 is Japanese and the game doesn’t work.

    • .k3NiCHi

      Maybe both? I’m in Japan using a Japanese internet connection, and I can’t start the software on my American PS3

  • Sakaguchi

    I brought my ps3 from US to Japan, but unfortunately sound joy doesn’t work at all. Since I live in Japan I believe that IP address has nothing to do with it. I guess it is my PSN

  • Ian

    It only works if you have a japan ps3 console.