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Hydrophobia Prophecy Coming To PSN November 1st

Posted by on October 28th, 2011 | 2 Comments | Tags:

Dark Energy Digital has finally given a release date for the PSN version of Hydrophobia Prophecy. If you didn’t see it in the title, it is coming out November 1st… which happens to be next Tuesday (The game is out in Europe next week as well). Reviews for the PC version seem to be all over the place, but hopefully time was taken to reflect upon the criticism and flesh out a more refined product for the PSN. The quotes below seems to make this evident.

“The PlayStation 3 is now by far and away the best looking and best playing version of the game on any platform – it’s in a different league compared to the original release, with many game systems reworked from the ground up, compelling new mechanics and a deeper back-story. What’s more, the PlayStation Network release will also contain the Darknet feedback system, a first on console, allowing players to engage directly with us the developer ”, commented Dark Energy’s Peter Jones.

Seems like they are going all out. It even includes PlayStation Move support. The game will be offered for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers for the entire month of November. Regular users will have to purchase a copy for $7.99, which is pretty nice seeing how most games are around the $10 or $15 mark now-a-days.

We will be sure to get our hands on a copy and let you know how this game has turned out.