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PAX Prime Hands-On: Dungeon Defenders

Posted by on August 29th, 2011 | 0 Comments | Tags: , ,

Dungeon Defenders has been on my radar for over a year now; I have fond memories of fishing in Long Beach Island and tweeting the people at Trendy Entertainment about how excited I am to see more of Dungeon Defenders. Finally, at PAX Prime 2011, I got to play the game in all of its glory. If you’re unfamiliar with what Dungeon Defenders is, click this nifty tag link. In short, it’s a 3rd person hack-and-slash RPG tower defense game.

I played one PvE map and one PvE map, but the game was set up to be convention-friendly, so I didn’t get as addicted as I know I will when it comes out sometime in the next few months. What I mean by ‘convention-friendly’ is the characters were all at max level (70, for now…) and their gear was stupid strong. We were playing on an early level, so the result was a few beastly characters rocking the crap out of hordes of enemies. Graphically, the game looks good, and there are multiple camera modes to fit different play styles. I preferred the ability to control the camera with the right stick and my character with the left stick. Building towers, upgrading your character, and more can all be done on the fly by opening up a weapon-wheel-esque popup menu and selecting what you want to do. The game also features a pet system and online pet/item trading.

As I mentioned, the circumstances of the show version of the game made it a bit less fun than I had imagined the game to be, but from what I played I can tell that this is going to be a big fat shiny gem of a title. I’ve set aside dozens of hours of my life to invest into Dungeon Defenders, and I implore you to do the same. I still can’t wait for this game to come out.