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Gotham City Impostors Gameplay Trailer

Posted by on August 12th, 2011 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

A new video for Gotham City Impostors has made its way to the web. This time, it showcases some actual gameplay.

“Let’s kick some bats… in the balls.”

As you can probably tell, the game is still flexing its ridiculous muscles. The beginning of the video showcases the game’s deep character customization options. No clown will look the same, I guess. If your buddy’s loadout has skull face-paint, yours could have a big smile or something different. The weapons seem silly, with one gun that freezes the opponent, allowing you to bash him to pieces. The equipment ranges from TNT in a box to what looks like a Batman tazer deployable. I wonder if all of these off-the-wall weapons will be balanced at all. I’m still on the highly hesitant boat with this one, though I can say that it’s a rather colorful FPS. We haven’t seen one of those since, what, Greg Hastings?

The game is scheduled to release in early 2012 for the price of £8.99. Check out the game’s new website at www.gothamcityimpostors.com