Rumor: Q-Games Working On A Game Set In PixelJunk Monsters Universe

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Dylan Cuthbert was teasing something new from Q-Games today on Google+.

A sneak preview of an important reveal which will occur during Q’s very own +Jesse Venbrux’s talk at Casual Connect next week! If you want to find out more come to the talk!

What do you think it could be….!?

Well I think it could be something from the PixelJunk Monsters universe. Want proof? Well we all know that rainbows are important in the land of Monsters, meaning that you have successfully cleared a level without losing a villager. Does that house look familiar? Maybe this will refresh your memory. Ah yes the house from Monsters. But what about that face icon? That seems to be from Monsters as well.

I will be in attendance at Jesse’s talk during Casual Connect which takes place during the App Stores & Download session. My gut felling on this one is an iPad game, because of the mobile game development the speaker has, but something for a PlayStation platform works for me as well. Be sure to check back here next week when I can update you further.

[Source: Dylan Cuthbert, Google+]