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StarDrone coming to PSVita

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You know I can’t wait until the journalism community decides upon the correct vernacular with respect to the PlayStation Vita. Is it PSV or PSVita or Vita? Should we still call it NGP because Vita sucks as a name? Who knows for sure. Regardless, there have been a lot of PSVita related announcements that came out of E3 yesterday from Sony’s conference. Now, in addition to hardware announcements, we’re getting access to some new software related stuff. In the first of what could be several PS3 ports, Beatshapers and Tastyplay.com have revealed that their PS3 game StarDrone is now coming to the PSV. There’s no word yet on a price or date as the Vita itself has yet to be dated for its release. However, Beatshapers and Tastyplay.com have revealed that the game is scheduled as a launch title for the Vita. The PSV version will feature the cross-platform play that was shown during the demonstration of the Vita at E3 this year and will actually share leader boards with the PS3 version. Additionally, the Vita will have touch support to replace the Move support found in the PS3 version.

StarDrone is a physics based game where the player controls a space ship in a zero gravity environment. You can anchor the ship to points in the environment to generate momentum and velocity to move around and collect pieces of Equilibrix to restore balance to the universe. The press release describes it as “pinball-meets-Breakout-meets-shoot-em-up.”

For those of you that missed it, the trailer is posted below. Also, check out Eric’s review of the PS3 version.