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Holster Your Iron (Move Controller)…

Posted by on June 15th, 2011 | 2 Comments | Tags: , ,

Because Fast Draw Showdown is coming to the PlayStation Network. What’s Fast Draw Showdown? Well, if you’ve ever been to an arcade (an ar-what?), you might have noticed a Fast Draw cabinet collecting dust somewhere. It’s a live-action rail shooter that requires you to keep your gun in the holster until it prompts you to DRAW!, at which point you sling your gun as quickly as possible to kill the onscreen cowboy/girl.

Like some other Digital Leisure titles, this game first saw console light on Nintendo consoles. It’s now moseying on over to the PlayStation 3 with 720p HD remastered video, online leaderboards, trophers, and PSMove support. Edit: PSMove is required to play this game. Oh, and there are PSHome rewards. Rejoice!

HD Remastered Screenshots:

You have a PSMove, right Ben? I bet you just can’t wait until July, when this releases on the North American store.