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Aero-Cross Next Namco Generations Title

Posted by on June 21st, 2011 | 1 Comment | Tags: , ,

The next Namco Generations title after Galaga Legions DX will be Aero-Cross. It’s a remake of the 1985 Namco arcade game Metro-Cross, which we talked about on the podcast a while back.

Sick jumping, dog-bro:

Aero-Cross drops players into a futuristic footrace. You’re a runner who’s racing against the clock to finish courses in the fastest time possible. I’m sure the leaderboards for this game are going to be as fiercely competitive as Pac-Man CE DX’s. You’ll make use of different skills and equipment, including slip-streaming behind other runners, air dashes to make long jumps, hoverboards for extra speed, and jump pads to avoid hazards on the tracks. I was a big fan of Pac-Man CE DX, and Galaga Legions DX looks pretty cool, but this may be my most anticipated Namco Generations title. It reminds me a lot of those hoverbike levels in Battletoads. You know the ones…