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Stringer Fires Back at Critics Over PSN Response

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Even with PSN back up people affected by the outage and the theft of their personal data have had two main thoughts regarding the situation. The first is the hope that the hackers responsible will be found and dealt with to the fullest extent of the law (and in the opinions of many with fire).  A close second to this is the timeline of the events and whether Sony acted fast enough once they knew about the theft of 77 million users’ personal data. On Tuesday, Sony CEO Howard Stringer responded by speaking publicly to reporters for the first time since the breach.

“This was an unprecedented situation,” said Stringer. “Most of these breaches go unreported by companies. Forty-three percent notify victims within a month. We reported in a week. You’re telling me my week wasn’t fast enough?”

At the moment, its difficult to verify the statistics which Stringer is quoting. Regardless, Stringer’s comments to reporters represent an about-face from the tone of his open letter to Sony customers posted May 5th on the Playstation Blog. Stringer also took the time to address issues regarding Kazuo Hirai’s future within the company as well as the financial cost to Sony.

On the subject of Hirai Stringer said, “”I think his leadership has been very helpful and very demonstrative and I’m endorsing him.” He added “This is his environment, his people, his intimate relationships with PlayStation subscribers and they like him.”

As to the amount that this is going to cost Sony, Stringer was unable to give an estimate.  “There’s a charge for the system being down … a charge for identity theft insurance. The charges mount up, but they don’t add up to a number we can quantify just yet.”

Source: Reuters