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Sony Memos State that PS Store Could Be Back Up May 24th

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Even with PSN back up my personal level of excitement was tempered by the fact that the store was still not back up. Not because I had a pressing need to buy anything. Rather it was because I just wanted to redeem my online pass for Mortal Kombat. Anyway, a recent Sony memo which was obtained by Gamasutra states that the store should be up and running on May 24th. The article does not state if this date is when stores will go up globally, but considering how PSN was powered back on over the weekend I think that its a pretty safe bet to assume that most of the territories should follow shortly after.

The memo also lays out a tentative store update schedule. As you all are probably aware, PSN has missed a few weeks worth of store updates which also includes the release of content from developers. Rather than update the store with all of the content at once, Sony is going to be releasing that stuff in chunks with the first chunk to coincide with the re-opening of the store. Additionally, Sony is prioritizing the list based on the importance of the releases and is willing to do this on a “case by case basis” as stated by PSN content manager Jack Orsorno in the memo. According to the memo, the first content drop will send out everything that was originally scheduled for the April 26th store update. On May 27th the second batch of content will be uploaded to the store to make up for the May 3rd missed date.

I for one couldn’t be more excited to finally be able to redeem my online pass for MK and maybe also download some new characters for the game. Also we will probably all have our chance to go nuts on the Welcome Back stuff which Sony will release at somepoint. What have you guys been looking forward to buying once the store comes back online?

Source: Gamasutra