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Sony Earnings Report Also Details Full Cost of PSN Hack

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I almost feel like this article should start like one of those Mastercard commercials. A copy of Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes? $15. A copy of the Angry Birds mini for PS3? $4. And the direct financial cost of losing the personal data of 77 million costumers? $170 million so far, apparently. The information comes as Sony detailed its projected earnings for the past fiscal year. According to Mashable, Sony is expecting the profits for its networked products and services unit (which includes gaming) to be down over the course of the next year.

Of course the news isn’t all bad for Sony, as the company has recently stated that its projected profits for fiscal year 2012 will be $975 million. Sony has also reported that the Japanese earthquake has resulted in $274 million in charges with an additional $63 million in sales also lost during that period. Some of those costs will be covered by insurance says Sony.

Even with these hard numbers its still difficult to say what will happen to Sony long term with respect to consumer confidence in the brand. While Sony is expecting a downturn over the next year, how severe that slide is remains to be seen.

Source: Mashable